And now Abby loves coffee too...

Sarah started her coffee obsession sometime before age two.  It seems now, Abby has acquired a taste for the good stuff as well.  She helps me make it.  She waits anxiously for the beep that indicates it's ready.  And she puts her little mug right next to my regular-sized one and fills them up for us.

She came and got me this morning and said, "I got your coffee ready...but I didn't put any salt or sour cream in it."  I was grateful for that. 

Yesterday I told her she needed to go jump in the shower and get rinsed off.  She took her mini mug of coffee into the shower with her.  Apparently, she thinks that's what you're supposed to do with your coffee.  I never even knew she saw me do that.

She declared to me when she emerged from the shower, "Coffee is helfy (healthy)."  I quickly informed her to the contrary and she was slightly disappointed.  Maybe that'll motivate her to kick the habit before it turns into one. 

And I'm suddenly realizing that while I'm glad I'm a role model of hers, maybe I should be doing things worthy of copying.  Like drinking maybe drinking more milk and water instead.


Sharon said...

Oh dear - Starbuck's is already anticipating the arrival of your girls...

Caffeine is part of the food pyramid, isn't it??

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