Home Away from Home

Even though we'll be here for Thanksgiving, we took a quick trip to my in-laws' house this weekend so our babies could spend some time with their grandparents.  Even though the trip is just a little over two hours door-to-door, the frequency of the visits here and there has lessened over time due to extra-curricular activities, appointments, growing obligations of every variety. 

If anything, though, that just reinforces the joy over getting to go to "Grammie's house".   

Obviously my kids enjoy it - 

4-wheeler rides, a cookout house full of riding toys of all sizes, endless land on which to run and scream without having to worry about disturbing the neighbors, toys that are dragged out by Grammie with the anticipation of the arrival of the grandbabies, treat bags full of candy with their names Sharpie'd onto them before we even arrive.

But it's not just them - 

At Grammie's house, I have freedom knowing full well that Grammie & Grandaddy truly desire to hang out with my kids and just enjoy them.  Whether they worked all day or they've been off for a week, they have a houseful of youngins who can't seem to stay away.  Here, there's always more than one pitcher of sweet tea chilling in the fridge so that it never runs out.  There's a jar of pistachios and a tray of cream cheese danish on the counter.  I can sit on the couch or in a rocker at the cookout house overlooking the pond with a book of my choice (today, it's Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire) and just read without distraction.  There's the new Southern Living Christmas book on the coffee table for me to thumb through a time or forty while I'm here.  There are fresh sheets on the bed.  And after the kids spend the whole day outside getting dirty and tracking it all over the house, the motto is, "It's okay.  Grammie has plenty of soap and water."

This has become, over the past nine years, one of my most favorite vacation spots. A real home away from home.  And even without all of those things I listed up there, this place would be just as special...because of the sincere love we feel when we walk through these doors.

I'm thankful today for this visit - however brief it may be.  And grateful for this family that has embraced me as one of their own from the very first day.

What are you thankful for today?


Debbie said...

There is a great love that exudes from that family. I love all of the women, but Grammie Lisa is my special favorite. What I really get a charge out of is the way all the manly men in that family become marshmallows around little Shep kids.

I wish you could have seen GREAT- granddaddy the day that a little Ben wore a tie to church and was waiting to show him. Ben was about 5 at the time. It was absolutely priceless to see them comparing ties.

Debbie said...

On one of your visits, I wish you would be a guest in the Lydia Class. We would love to have you. I promise that we don't bite.

Well, Denise might, but I'll keep an eye on her.

Sharon said...

You know, Jennie - today you've made me very thankful that I had the privilege of knowing 3 of my great-grandmothers, one of my great-grandfathers, and all four of my grandparents. I have especially fond memories of my mom's parents. Oh, the adventures we had at their house!

My grandmother NEVER cared about dirt either. She was ALWAYS more interested in the treasures we brought home to her.

What I am MOST thankful for is that I will one day see each one of those dear, dear souls again!

Praise God!

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