An Attitude of Gratitude

With what may be an entire turkey in my belly and the tryptophan kicking in quickly, I'm taking time this Thanksgiving to reflect on the daily blessings I have chosen to note this month (thus far).  It's not too late to start your own month of "Thanksliving" or "Attitude of Gratitude".  In the meantime, here are a few of the many blessings I've treasured in my life this November 2011:

1:  Today, I am thankful for a completely unexpected season of life that began almost exactly one year ago. I could never have imagined the lessons I would learn about myself, my family, and my faith as a result of losing my job and being at home.

2:  Today, I'm thankful for the uninhibited spirits of my two little girls. They are the physical embodiment of "sing like no one is listening and dance like nobody is watching". I could learn a lot from those little whimsical babies.

3:  I am thankful for Thursday mornings...Bible study, Beth Moore, friends, food, and fellowship. Perfect combination! Fills my cup weekly.

4:  Today I am thankful for a family of in-laws that embraced me from the beginning and love me like I was born one of their own.

5:  Today I'm thankful for a husband who is industrious, resourceful, and highly motivated. He inspires me to do more...than sit on the couch, eat snacks, and absorb mindless television.

6:  I'm thankful today for the people in my life who are not just like me because they challenge me to think about what I believe and why. Sometimes it's exhausting, but it's always worth it in the end.

7:  Today I'm thankful for a sense of humor and a husband with whom I can laugh and laugh about ridiculous things. I think this is one of God's gifts to us to get us through the tenser times in life.

8:  I'm thankful today for the privilege of living in a country where my opinion counts. Getting to the polls is a "minor inconvenience" that we Americans take for granted, and one for which so many of our world brothers and sisters have given their lives to procure. (In a nutshell, go vote.)

9:  I'm thankful, today, for Sarah's joie de vivre. Even as she daringly jumps from the coffee table to the couch without inhibition, she makes me smile. At least several times daily.

10:  I'm thankful today for the way God speaks to me through the leadership at our church, through my friends and teachers at Bible study, and through the little teaching moments I have with my children almost daily. It's amazing how specifically He answers my heart through people who have no idea I even *have* the questions.

11:  Today I'm thankful for a weekend escape to a place that always feels like home away from home. We're at Grammie's house! Always thankful, as well, for the servicemen & women who have devoted their lives past, present, and future to protecting our freedoms in this great country.

12:  Thankful for a long, late afternoon nap with my youngest baby at Grammie's house while everyone else played outside, went hunting, and watched football. Simple pleasures, indeed.

13:  Today, I'm thankful for a husband whose best traits complement my worst. We make a pretty good team.

14:  I'm thankful for three well-rested, good-spirited children this morning, as I listen to them spontaneously playing ring-around-the-rosey in the kitchen. I think Ben & Abby enjoy hearing Sarah's giggles as much as I do.

15:  I'm thankful, today, for the teachers in my childrens' lives whom they love so much that they consider them extended family. From Mr. Barronton, Mrs. Earhart, and Mrs. Scarbrough at LJP to Mrs. Ruth, Mr. Scott, and Miss Emily at CBC (among SO many others). It's truly a blessing to have adults in my kids' lives who love them like Sam and I do.

16: Today I'm thankful that God is revealing my talents to me, whether they are what I expected them to be or not.

17:  So thankful for the gift of laughter. I might be simple-minded and too-easily-amused, but I feel so much better after a deep-down belly-laugh. I'm pretty sure this is why God gave us Sarah.

18:  Today I'm thankful for the luxury of being able to rest when I am weary. I'm not one to make a habit out of it, but I really think a few clutch naps have helped me both mentally and physically feel better, and it's a privilege I've never really had before.

19:  I think the spirit of gratitude must be contagious - Sarah just thanked me for vacuuming the living room. (Either that or even the two year old was grossed out and ready for it to be cleaned up...) Today, I'm thankful for the excitement of the upcoming week - quality time with the three kids and the rest of the family, at least 3 turkey dinners, the Harvest at CBC, and *hopefully* some Black Friday shopping!

20:  Today, I'm thankful for cooperative kids and a clean, purged playroom.

21:  I'm thankful for the sleepy moments right after my babies wake up when they're still enough to steal a few cuddles.

22:  Today, I'm thankful for the glorious scent of roasted turkey wafting through my home, and for God's provision of food on a daily basis - including, most importantly, the Bread of Life.

23:  I'm thankful today for the public library. And kids who love to read.

24:  Pumpkin Roll - Take 2. In case anyone is wondering, haste (or, in this case, multitasking) makes waste. On a related note, I'm thankful, today, for second chances, do-overs, and mulligans.

25:  "We would worry less if we praised more. Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction." [Harry A. Ironside]

Today, I'm thankful for the Giver of all things - the blessings, the lessons learned through difficult times, and everything in between.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! ♥


Sharon said...

Beautiful, Jennie.

One of the things that I am most thankful for is the many friends I have that really get it - Gratitude is an attitude, and it should naturally flow out of a heart that is turned toward and tuned into the many gracious blessings that the good Lord bestows upon us.


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