The Cutting Edge

You might think by the title, that this is going to be about technology. I'll "cut" to the chase and tell you it's not. (I wouldn't bore you that way!)

Last night, on a whim, dear ole Sam decided to de-mold the caulk in our master bathroom. It was a pretty significant undertaking (not because I don't clean our bathroom, but because we had really cheap, non-bio-resistant caulk in the shower, I SWEAR). So, in the process, he relocated all of the shower items to another surface in the bathroom...the bathtub edge. My job was to keep Abby and Ben away. And until I was asked to run to Lowes to fetch the new caulk & a new caulk gun (which apparently I threw away during our last project...oops), I had been pretty successful.

As part of the de-molding in the bathroom, there were about nine million bath toys soaking in a hot sea of disinfectant in the tub. (The same tub that now housed all of the shower items.) Abby walked in and decided that she would investigate (innocently, of course) the items alongside the bathtub. When she turned around, she looked up and saw that I had my purse and shoes on. In her mind, this means she needs to drop what she's doing and sprint to the closest vehicle (she loves to go on a trip). At the approximate same time she saw me, she squealed. So...I figured I was about to haul her on to Lowes with me. When I picked her up, her entire mouth was covered in blood.

Yes. Blood.

I said, "Sam!!! What happened to Abby?! She's bleeding!" His first reaction was, "Are you sure it's not orange [from Cheetos]?" (This is actually funny now that she wasn't seriously injured.) But yeah, I was pretty sure the crimson red liquid coming out of her lip was not Cheetos.

Turns out...the little booger had gotten ahold of my Intuition razor, removed the cover, and proceeded to trim her bottom lip. I guess it didn't hurt *too* badly because she took the time to decide she didn't want to do that anymore, and placed the bloody cover back on the razor (that was the only clue we had as to what happened).

Described by her Grammie as "tough as a lighter knot", lil' Abby didn't fuss or cry. Those slices happened so quickly it probably didn't have time to hurt. She was minorly freaked out by the blood coming out of her lip when she spotted it in the mirror, but mostly I think she was bothered by me holding her for more than 30 seconds.

In my time as a parent, I've had a few experiences like this...where I think "well crap, that could have ended up MUCH worse!!!" (The first one being when we accidently left a bottle of rubbing alcohol out and Ben drank it when he was about a year old.) Thankfully, Abby's lip is only slightly swollen today, and it doesn't seem to be bothering her like it did last night.

I guess this was a risky story with which to begin my blogging adventure, but I don't care. We're human. We mess up. We live and learn! The good news is...we all lived to see another day! Keeping my fingers crossed we'll get through quite a few more!
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