Thankful Thursday Thirteen

I was just in bed, almost asleep, praying and thanking God for my blessings when I realized that I hadn't posted today.  This NaBloPoMo thing is cramping my sleeping style.  But I figured it would be easy enough to do a Thursday 13 - Thankful Edition, since I pretty much already was doing that mentally.

Plus, I'm hardcore.  (Not really.)

This is the no-frills, words-only post o' thanks.

Things Jennie is Thankful for this Thursday:

1.  Sweet Emily, the nursery worker at church, who (whether lying through her teeth or not) told me that she didn't even realize I was pregnant because I didn't look like it.  Bless her heart.  I wanted to hug her.  I should have.
2.  The scent of banana bread that still lingers in the home even as I type this.
3.  Thursday morning Bible study...even if this morning marked the last one until the end of January.  It's such a blessing and encouragement.
4.  Our neighbor who agreed to sit for the kids on Saturday night on a whopping two days notice.
5.  The opportunity to go out and see contorting bodies and death-defying stunts at Cirque Shanghai on Saturday night.
6.  The blood, sweat, and tears [figurative, of course] that Ben & Abby poured into the "I'm thankful for you" notes that they made for their teachers tonight.
7.  Sarah's delight when she found a lovey for the new baby in the basket of gifts from our baby shower.  She so sweetly said, "I play with this, please", I couldn't resist.  She's sleeping soundly with the little elephant nestled next to her cheek.  (Emily, if you're reading this, I promise to confiscate it back for Shep#4 whenever he/she arrives!)
8.  The fact that Abby fell out of a tree today, but lived to tell about it with nothing more than dirt in her hair, scratches on her back and legs, and a bruised self-confidence.  It could have been much worse.
9.  Ben's self-starting morning, whereby he ate breakfast, got dressed, and packed his lunch without so much as a single direction being given by me.
10.  A crabcake dinner a la the freezer...and it was awesome.
11.  The three little buckets lined up on our fireplace filled with coins by my generous children who have been so cheerfully contributing to the new Family Life Center at church.
12.  An hour-long power nap that recharged my soul.
13.  The delay of back/pelvic pain thus far this pregnancy.  I commented to Sam earlier this week that I can't believe it hasn't started yet...then quickly proceeded to knock on wood and pray, but I consider the fact that it hasn't started yet to be a huge blessing as it tends to be one of my biggest pregnancy "things" (since I'm spared the morning sickness).

And that's that.  Easy peasy.  It took 10 minutes to crank those out.  I could have done a Thursday Twenty-six, but that doesn't have quick the same ring to it.

Take some time, right now (because I'm bossy and I like telling you what to do), to count a few of your blessings.  Doesn't have to be thirteen, but I dare you to count five.

Ready, set, go!

Please share them with me!

Happy Thursday!


Debbie said...

Wonderful list, Jennie. I love the one about Sarah and the basket. That's just precious.

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