Not too late for Halloween Mom Things. (Because I said so.)

You opted to skip your two year old's nap in favor of attending your church's annual Harvest Festival.  Thanks to an endless supply of sweets & candy, she did great.  (Helpful hint:  A single box of Nerds can last a long time for a two year old.  So she was occupied, and not overly sugared by the end of the day.)

You discovered this Halloween that there has never been a child more appropriately dressed than your very own eight year old Harry Potter.  He's a dead ringer, don't you think?

You warned the workers at the games to watch out after they give Sarah a ball.  She throws a mean fastball. 

You weren't sure what "fluorescent red" was when you bought the can of hair spray for your five year old's Ariel costume, but after you applied it you figured it out.  Fluorescent red is pink.  Hot pink.

That's okay though, because luckily if people didn't know she was Ariel, she easily passed for a Bubble Guppy.

Thanks to some awesome attractions at the Harvest Festival, your Harry Potter got to experience some Quidditch-like flying conditions.  Should've brought his broom...

And the irony of a flying mermaid was almost too much to handle. 

There's not much of a climbing tree in the front yard, but that doesn't stop your costume-clad youngin's from trying to climb it before trick-or-treating (and any other time they're out there).

Timing three kids in the air jumping is tough to do.  But you got two out of three....and the shot of a floating strawberry is pretty hilarious to you.

Just like her older brother and sister, your two year old will do anything to not actually fall asleep at naptime.  This includes howling like a wolf, singing Happy Birthday to each and every one of her stuffed animals, and scaling her closet shelves to find blankets so she can tuck them all in individually after they've been serenaded. (Even though said two year old is not in a crib anymore, you're secretly thinking about putting her back into one and finally breaking down and getting that crib tent after all...)

While your two year old is impressively good at color identification, she apparently got thrown for a loop when you asked her what color crayon she was holding and she replied with "Jelly".  (It was green.)

That's all for now - I'm just happy to say I made it for the first two days in a row.  Phew.  Only 28 more to go!

And better late than never - Happy (Belated) Halloween from a pretty cute strawberry, an all-too-appropriate Harry Potter, and a wild woman Ariel.


Sharon said...

This whole post was just adorable, enjoyable, comical.

But, the one thing that literally made me laugh out loud was the floating strawberry. (My husband thought I was crazy!) If she perfects that levitating thing, you're in big trouble. No more climbing - just a wish and a thought and POOF - she'll be soaring up to the highest heights.

OK, Harry and Ariel were darling, too. Yes, Ben is a dead ringer for Mr. Potter. And Abby is a perfect pink cutie - whoever she is!!

XO :)

Debbie said...

I was hoping that you would share the Herd of of Sheps all dressed up. Ben is an amazing Harry Potter! Abby cracks me up, and little Miss Strawberry is adorable.

I love cute kids.
Have I said lately that yours are some of my favorites?

In fact, now that I think about it, a good majority of my favorite little ones right now have the same crazy blood line.

Maybe one of my girls needs to get to know Archie.

Just sayin'...
(Really just kidding. They wouldn't make it through the election cycle.)

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