Writer's Block & Time Management

Somewhere between writer's block and poor time management, I've found myself in crunch time for my annual Christmas newsletter.  For some reason, it's very important to me to include some sort of creative, original newsletter in our Christmas cards.  A regular, boring letter simply will not do.  The problem is by the ninth one, I'm kind of running out of creative, original ideas.  I had a couple of fleeting thoughts that didn't pass the brainstorming test earlier today.  And I'm pretty sure this is the latest I've ever thought about it.  If only I were back at work so I'd have time to do stuff like this (wink, wink). 

Anyway, while I sat at the computer googling "creative Christmas newsletters", I looked up to see this...

I think we have our Christmas picture at least. 

They're watching The Grinch (the original cartoon).  Sarah particularly loves Max (of course, she's a puppy fanatic).  The sound of half of the ornaments falling off of the very tips of each of the tree branches hung with "care" by my girls is drowned out by Sam's traditional performance of "Welcome Christmas" complete with "Fahoo fores dahoo dores" and what nots.  That is undoubtedly one of my favorite parts of this season.  (I'm pretty simple.)

And with that little bloggy break, I'm going back to brainstorming...

"Welcome Christmas!"


Debbie said...

My favorite was the little quiz one. It was multiple choice as I recall so I think I got a 100. That's why it was my favorite. Ahem.

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