Not On Our Christmas List

I watch too much childrens programming.  I confess.  Sarah knows the Dora, Mickey Mouse, and Little Einsteins theme songs by heart.  With the shows come the commercials, and those are truly terrible.  They seem even worse as the holidays approach.  Sarah thinks she needs a matching pee-wee sized pillow pet to match her regular sized one, and so on and so forth. 

I can tell you for sure, there is one toy I will not be getting for my child this Christmas.
That's Doctor Drill 'n Fill.  Maybe it's my disdain for dentists, but I don't think so.  That's just gross.

I know there are millions of "bad toys" on the market.  What's something you've seen that caused you to stop and say, "Really???"  Come on, you know it'll be fun.


Brooke said...

I actually remember playing with this at a friend's house. But it is kinda weird.

Debbie said...

Oh no. Not around my place either. (Not that we still play with toys... often)

I tried to comment on that cute post yesterday, and just as I did, I got booted off.

And by that, I mean BOOTED. Somehow, my whole google account was disabled. It took a while to straighten it out. My blog vanished too.

Crossing my fingers that it doesn't happen again.

Sharon said...

I was a little disturbed about the recent Tattoo Barbie. I don't know - did Barbie dump Ken for Jesse James??

And this Play-doh kit?! Wow - what's next? Play-doh Emergency Appendectomy? I can only imagine the fun "innards" that kit would come with...


Michelle said...

My teenage daughter was just horrified by a commercial for that one. It's been around for quite a few years hasn't it?

It's the game where you feed the dog and it poops playdough that I can't handle. That's just too crude for this mommy!

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