Cheating a Little....

I've had this post in my pocket for a day when I would be rushed to get a post out.  Today is that day.  My day started with dropping Ben off for book club (an all-too-appropriate club for him to join) at 7:45am, swinging by Sonic for tots & a cherry coke (a breakfast of champions) with the girls, dropping Abby off at school at 8:20am, rushing home to grab breakfast for Bible Study, getting to church at 9:15am, leaving at 11:45am, feeding myself and Sarah lunch, putting her down for a nap around 1pm, fretting about things I shouldn't have been fretting about, doing some laundry, dishes, and general clutter clearing, and boom - it was 3:30pm and time to get the kids.

Notice there was no blog-time in there.  And there won't be tonight either because I am headed to church again for a Ladies dinner with Don Piper as the speaker, who just so happens to be the author of the book, 90 Minutes in Heaven.  I'm really looking forward to it.

That said, I have about an hour to crank this post out, put on different pants besides my favorite pink polka dotted jammie pants, and if Sam's "lucky", pop a pizza in the oven for the kids so he won't have to worry about that when he gets home.  Luckily the church is about 5 minutes from my house, so I'm not likely to be [too] late.

Here's the entirety of this post:

I've checked off a really easy item from The List.  I made my first purchase on Etsy last week.  This probably shocks and surprises many of you who have known about, loved, and purchased off of Etsy for years, but I'm slow.  And I'm not really patient when it comes to browsing.  It's a little overwhelming to me.  That said, I knew that I wanted reusable baggies for the kids' lunches, and lo and behold one of the shops on there was having a sale.  I got a set for Ben and a set for Abby. 

Cute, right?

Now I don't have to feel guilty about running through a box of snack baggies every couple of weeks.  (I'm good at finding things to feel guilty about.)

That's all...#46:  Buy something on Etsy...you have been checked! 


Debbie said...

Reusable baggies?? Who knew? I would have used someting like that back in the day.

Emily said...

I"ve never heard of reusable baggies! What a neat idea though, and sure does save $$ on baggies. Cute!

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