Be Fruitful & Multiply

If there's one thing I know about Genesis 1:28 - it's that our Sunday School class is obedient.

I'm sure it's the season of Young Married life that we're all in, but man, there are a lot of pregnant ladies in that class at any given time.

Today's post will be quick because:

1.  We just got home from a weekend at Grammie's house.
2.  I only have 27 minutes left to post on Saturday.
3.  I'm looking forward to actually getting to church in the morning which means I need to go to sleep relatively soon.

Today, I will simply say that I am thankful for a lot of things, most of which can be summed up by this picture:

I'm thankful for great friends, good food, big bellies, generosity, the gift of carrying life, the Giver of life, and equally as much, opportunities to just laugh.  

Thanks, Melissa, for making the Big Night Out happen.  You rock!


Sharon said...

I remember being in a couples class when I was pregnant. Yup, did seem like there was something in the water!!

You guys all look so cute (and yes, uncomfortable!)

Love my boys, don't miss being pregnant so much...though I do miss having something to blame my wild mood swings on.


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