It doesn't take much...

I know I'm mostly a simple person, but today was a day full of simple smiles that completely filled my smile tank.  We're in the middle of a pretty busy couple of days, and even so, there was time to enjoy some of the most regular, run-of-the-mill treasures...

Not the least of which was a popsicle and some swing time between the girls:

It was the best day I've had with Abby in a while.  She's always precious to me, but today, she was particularly sweet and helpful - doing all kinds of chores, including cleaning her room without me standing over her micro-managing. 

I went back there to check on her progress, and found the place pretty well cleaned up - especially considering what it looked like to start with.  Among the smiles I found in there -

A made-up bed, with an extra fleece blanket that came from who-knows-where

Of all the dress up clothes lying around the room, she found a hanger for her brand-new pillowcase/Native American/handmade dress...we can't have that getting wrinkled

And without me telling her to, she picked everything up off of the floor, including her naked Barbies, dirty pajama pants, and shoes.  Even if that's not exactly where things go, it's progress.  And I took it.

Something else I learned today...a roll of pennies is way better to a five year old than a dollar bill.  Any day of the week.  (At least it is to my five year old.)

That's it, a couple of simple pleasures, lots of smiles, and a complete day.


Debbie said...

This is such a sweet post. I'm proud of your little helper. My favorite picture is that top one. I can't believe how Sarah literally changes post by post.

Sharon said...

Do you hire Abby out?

I'm willing to pay in popsicles for a little housework...


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