List Schmist...

With just 8 months left to complete my remaining 59 tasks, I'm feeling a little daunted.  That's okay.  Some of them are for sure "no's" at this point.  Unless I can somehow manage to donate blood three times in three months immediately after the birth of my March baby, I'm thinking that one isn't going to happen.  That doesn't mean I'm not going to give it the old college try anyway.  (Unless "old college try" means I'm not going to try hard at all.  I actually don't know the real meaning of that term.)

The fact is, I've (and we've) done a lot of things in the past 2 years or so that weren't on the list at all...that were far greater feats than some of the tasks remaining.  For instance, we built this beast in our back yard:

And we re-floored our laundry room with tile:

And we were blessed enough to get this good news:

So, in the grand scheme of things stuff like "Grow my own pumpkins" seems a little silly.

That doesn't mean I won't keep on keepin' on.

But it's just like that husband of mine to decide to take on a huge project, both before a baby is coming and before the holiday season.  I'm learning to love it.  He's the motivated one.  While I prefer to sit on the couch and watch singers duke it out for a $5 million record contract or chefs cook with a basket of obscure ingredients for $10,000,  he likes to do things like...turn our garage into a workshop so he can build bunk beds from scratch materials while promising to add woodworking to his ever-growing skill-set and ensuring that the quality of materials used is no less than superior.

Sorry, ladies, he's taken.

So that is what we're doing next.  I say "we" because I do take some part in the projects, even if it's bringing him a drink or keeping the kids out of his hair.  Sometimes I do more than that.  Sometimes.

At any rate, our girls are getting new bunk beds for Christmas.  I really hope they like them!  Knowing my husband, they'll be awesome.  I have no doubts. 


Sharon said...

OK, I knew there were many reasons that I loved you. Who would have guessed that being oddly addicted to the show "Chopped" would be one of them?! Yes, sometimes when I can't sleep at night - which happens way too often - I have been known to watch episode after episode!

Sam, such a keeper. I'm sure that the bunk beds will be a thing of beauty, and perhaps a future family heirloom. If nothing else, those girls will love the idea of sleeping in a bed "that Daddy made."

Lists - who needs those anyway? Life is much better.


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