My Two Year Old Does Chores

And she likes it...

(Sometimes it's just too grueling so she needs to take a break to stick her finger in her belly button.)

Sometimes, I feel like I'm exploiting her...but really, she likes putting lotion on my aching feet.  I suspect her thought process is something like this, "Unrestricted use of the lotion pump?  Yes, please."

In light of another awesome column by John Rosemond today (which I think all parents of my generation should read), I stopped to think about his suggestions at the end.  Since becoming a "stay-at-home-mom", I've learned to delegate responsibilities to my children a lot better.  It seems ironic to me that now that I have "all of this extra time at home" it's even harder to keep up with everything.  Giving kids chores helps teach them responsibility, gives them valuable skills, and helps them recognize and appreciate their role in the family.  We all have a job here.  Not just Dad who's physically at work.  Not just Mom who's eternally in the laundry room and/or dishwasher.  The kids ate off of those dishes and dirtied those clothes, right?

Since giving the kids more responsibilities, I've watched them transition from doing things begrudgingly to doing them voluntarily.  I looked outside tonight, and Ben and Abby were steadily working away in the yard with a rake and a garbage bag.  There were a couple of wheelbarrows involved too.  And they were doing it...just because they wanted to.

I love days like these.  And I love these children.  I hope they know that.


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