Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!!!

After hitting the snooze [two or three times], I finally work up the will to roll out of bed.  I stumble, zombie-like from my bed to the coffee machine for the morning's first order of business.  


I quite literally wake up thinking about coffee.

If I were a together-sort-of person I would prep the coffee the night before, set the timer, and be able to stumble into the kitchen and actually pour a cup right then and there.   This happens maybe once every two weeks, and it is, indeed, a very special treat.  It affords me the opportunity to spend the extra minute I typically use prepping the coffee on something else that morning (most likely cleaning up syrup drips made by one or all of my little blessings).  

I am in the season of my life where a leisurely cup of hot coffee over the morning news isn't part of my routine.  It's a luxury.  And, really, that's okay with me...for now.  I have a husband and three children ages seven and under who all require my attention in some way or another.  I have a full-time job outside of the home doing "other duties as assigned" and a full-time job inside of the home managing the day-to-day things that life throws at us.  It's a busy time.  I remind myself as often as I can to kick back in my recliner at the end of the day and do a Sudoku or a crossword.  But an end of the day coffee doesn't sound like a good idea.  Sleep is way too important in this season.

Since getting up early to watch the birds over a hot cup of coffee and a crumbly piece of coffee cake isn't an option, I improvise.

Enter today's simple pleasure:

What is that, you say?  I'm so glad you asked.  That, friends, is my favorite coffee mug resting in the solitary spot of my shower shelf that does not get sprayed or splashed with shower water.

Who said there isn't time for a leisurely cup of hot coffee?  Oh, that was me...  Well I retract that statement.  

I have found a way.  

And that is why when asked "How do you take your coffee?" I usually say....

"In the shower."

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Cindy said...

Jennie, this is great. I loved your simple pleasure, and if I was where you are in this season of life, I would definitely be looking for a place to have my coffee. You go girl!!

Hope your having a blessed day!

Debbie said...

You are amazing! Do you really enjoy coffee in the shower? If I had ever thought about it, I would have tried to do it.

This made me laugh!

I do remember your season, and a simple cup of coffee was too often a pleasure I didn't enjoy either. Today, I'm trying to fill my time with new things and can't quite get the groove.

It's frustrating and lonely, but at least I have time for as much coffee as I want!

Denise said...

I'm with you on having my coffee in the morning. When my girls were little I carried a confounded cup all over the house trying to get ready. Like Debbie, I have passed that time in my life and have more time than I would like for my coffee. At least you've worked out a way to keep it warm too! Enjoy your coffee and your time with your blessings!

Stephani said...

Thanks for sotpping by my photo blog today! I absolutely loved this post. If I tried that, my cup would have water and shampoo and who knows what all dripped into it. My shower isn't conducive to that, but I'm glad yours is. What fun!

Christine said...

OK...I just might have to try this!

Dayle said...

Jennie, this made me laugh out loud. Talk about being creative, girl, you've got it down pat. Where there's a will, you found a way! Love, love this!

sarah said...

Yah!!! this is great....

Sherri said...

Oh, that's too funny! Hey, a mom has to get a break when she can, right? At least you aren't having to drink it on the toilet....it could happen.

Joan said...

This is priceless! I've never thought of having a cup of coffee in the shower. I'll make mine iced tea. :)


Ms.Daisy said...

Great post! You are a very inventive Mom I will say!


PaisleyJade said...

I am so going to do this!!!

Graceful said...

Oh Jennie -- this made me LOL indeed -- I love it! And I may have to try it myself. Working mom of two boys -- yup, coffee in the shower would be a good thing!

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