Mom Things: Double Dipping

Despite your best efforts to explain to your four-year-old that "I did it on purpose" does not mean "I did it by accident", she continues saying it with the intention of serving as an excuse.  For example, "I just spilled a whole cup of orange juice on your bedroom floor.  But I did it on purpose."  (Geez, Abby.  Don't do that!)

The Duggars teach their teenage daughters to care for the little ones.  So...you see them and raise them.  You teach your four year old to feed your one year old.

You could feed a small country with just the crumbs that fall out of your toddler's diaper after meal time.

You can't underestimate the power of a jacuzzi tub and a few too many bubbles.  (Just take my word for it.  There's a tub under there somewhere.)

You maintain your own growth charts for each of your kids...just in case the doctor doesn't get it right.  (Okay, really, this one is probably just me.  Nerd alert.)

And for a few, specific work-out-of-the-home mom things:

You strap the kids into their carseats in the garage at least ten minutes before you intend to leave so you can frantically run around the house packing your own lunch, fixing your to-go coffee, picking up crumbs from breakfast, making sure the lights and appliances are off for the day, etc.

You get through the carpool line at the elementary school before you realize you forgot to apply your eye makeup.  So you sit in the parking lot of the daycare and hastily apply a quick sweep of eyeliner and mascara so as not to frighten your kids' loving teachers.

You find yourself at the daycare during naptime, due to a rare afternoon off, and witness the miracle that is a room of ten or more toddlers simultaneously and oh-so-peacefully sleeping on cots.  It's moments like that where you find your heart filled with gratitude and love for those amazing childcare professionals.  And you briefly wonder how difficult it is to nominate someone for the Nobel Peace Prize...because you know exactly how rowdy that room was a mere hour earlier.

As you drive around town, you point out sites and roads that you've designed and your seven year old boy looks at them in wonder and declares, "Your job is so cool."  (You're just glad it seems "cool" to somebody.)

You might miss out on play dates, MOPS meetings, and morning Bible studies, but you are acutely aware that you and stay-at-home moms have a whole lot in common.  And that is, that we're all trying to do the best we can for and by our children.

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Julia said...

excellent list!!! so true about those day care people! wow, amazing!! despite the probability that i'm scaring people, i don't wear make up much... maybe i should.

thanks for playing!!

Sarah said...

Great list! I so admire those daycare people, because my 3 give me such a run for my money, I can't imagine taking on other kids as well! ;)
Stopping by from WMW.

Jenn said...

Great list, and so true!

Denise said...

Great post. I love the part about putting on makeup in the parking lot. I can remember using traffic lights and stop signs for putting on some makeup MANY times when mine were small. Love all the bubbles in that bathtub shot and of course those little blessings are always adorable.

Cannonball14 said...

Great list!

And I keep a growth chart for J, too. I want to track him on the WHO grouth curve. You are not the only nerd!

Amanda said...

Love it - especially the end! I wish more moms realized that we're all just doing the best we can with the situation we have. Following you from WMW!

CLewis said...

Love it!! Agreeing with Amanda that I especially appreciate the end that reminds us that we are all doing an important job, even if it looks different from one house to the next. We all need to have more grace:)

Sherri said...

I love what you said! We are all doing an important job as moms, and we all do other things, too!

Love that bathtub picture!

Funky Mama Bird said...

LOVE this list. Working from home we miss out on playdates and the like, too, but I wouldn't trade it for anything anyway.

Debbie said...

Bathtub bubbles get my crown this week! How in the world did they manage that?

And I well remember the makeup in the car days. Next time, just slap on some sunglasses and tell the caregivers that you're a mom incognito.

I guess I'm like Ben because I think your job's pretty cool too.

Natalie said...

The bathtub picture is the best picture I've seen all week! Love your list! And your ending says it all :)

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