Tweaking my Resume

In an economical climate such as the one we're currently experiencing, it is a good idea keep the resume in tip-top shape.  I've come to terms with the fact that my job situation is precarious at best, and so, in trying to stay ahead of the game, I've adjusted my resume and tried to get the word out that I might be available should anyone know of anything.  It can't hurt, right?

The problem is that I'm not wired to sell myself.  I don't like to toot my own horn.  I feel like bragging in any form, even in a resume, is pompous and self-righteous.  I'm just a little bit crazy.  (No need to confirm or deny that, friends.)

On that note, I've been thinking about one of the comments I received on this very blog a couple of weeks ago:
And we want to see a blog next week that celebrates JENNIE.
I resisted and resisted, but that little comment kept nagging at me.  Why not give myself a little bit of credit?  I've tried the same old relentlessly-hard-on-yourself routine for twenty-seven years.  While I don't think it's under-served me or steered me off course, it can't hurt to consider some of my strengths, right?  

(After all, "Have more confidence in myself" is one of those list items.  And at this rate, I'll never cross that off!)

I've considered some type of daily pep talk.  You know - like this little chick.  But that's a pretty giant leap from my daily self-deprecation.  I'm looking for a baby step.  I think I will start with saying, "Thank you" when someone pays me a compliment, instead of combating it with some sort of degradation about myself.  Baby steps...

In the meantime, in the spirit of resumes, I have come up with a bit of non-professional one.  Because I can do a few things well.  And it can't hurt to remind myself of that.  (Right?)

Jennie Q. Wife-and-mom
123 Family Circle, Central GA   867-5309  though.it.be.madness at gmail dot com

Objective:  To prove to myself and no other that I am a strong, capable, successful wife and mother who has been blessed by God with the ability and resources to make positive differences in my life and the lives of my family and friends.

Education:  The wisdom brought to me by the Bible alone, The tutelage of Christian parents, A lifetime of friendships, And practical life experiences, whether successes or failures, that can only be summed up as on-the-job training.

Relevant Coursework:
Spousal Communication 101
Acting Your Wage
Distraction Techniques for All Ages
Solid Waste Management
Consistency I, II, III, & IV
Prayer for Dummies

Work Experience:
    ~The Partnership of Sam & Jennie (Jan'03-'til death do us part)  
      Loving Wife
  • Supporting, respecting, and communicating with my partner on all things family, finance, and household related.
  • Demonstrating my love for my husband verbally, physically, and with little tokens like a note and a surprise piece of gooey butter cake for him to eat at work.
  • Pulling my weight, even if it means I mow the lawn and he cooks the dinner.
  • Analyzing my decisions to benefit not only me but also my partner.
  • Learning how to reach the desired outcome without resorting to nagging.
    ~Two Girls & A Boy, Inc.  (Sept'03-presumably, age 18)
      Usually Mommy sometimes Mom or Mama
  • Loving, disciplining, and providing for a growing number of children.
  • Masterfully killing all of the flies said children allow in the house by leaving the doors open for too long.
  • Applying Neosporin, wet rags, and countless band-aids to real and imagined boo-boos.
  • Reading at least one book every single day to little listening ears.
  • Answering countless questions with accuracy (and the help of Google).
  • Saying "No".  A lot.
  • Adjusting behavior across the room with no words at all, but a look that could kill.
  • Delighting in the successes and learning experiences (aka failures) of these little people.
  • Plucking monkey-like toddlers from dangerous heights just in the knick of time.
  • Wiping (what feels like) thousands of tiny little hineys.
  • Not just surviving but functioning on very little sleep and a very lot of coffee.
Additional Information:
  • Awarded "Mean Mommy" and "Best Mommy" awards within days (even hours) of each other.
  • Willing to accept hugs, kisses, high fives, handcrafted artwork, and funny anecdotes in lieu of pay.
  • Pre-qualified in the specialty of Multitasking.
Well there it is.  Hardly exhaustive, but you know what?  I do feel pretty good about myself.

(Thanks, Diane, for your comment and your encouragement.)

What skills can you list on your resume?


Denise said...

You forgot to mention that you're an amazing person, extremely talented writer and a great blog friend!! (and real friend too).

I think this post alone should get you some confidence points toward the list. (check)

WONDERFUL post for an especially wonderful young woman. Do you need me for a reference?

Debbie said...

I love this and was so busy yesterday that I ALMOST missed it! You made me nod my head and then smile throughout the whole thing.

If I were hiring for the position of Very Incredible Person, I would hire you. Do you accept blog comments in lieu of pay, too?
I'm not going to get all mushy on you, but that IS the way that I see you, and both of my daughters hold you up as a role model for themselves. I would have chosen you for them, but they did it all on their own. Bet you would never have thought that, would you? No... so add humble to the list of credits.

BTW...Ask your mom if the "presumably until 18 part needs an edit... betcha she says yes.

Sherri said...

I love your resume! I'm so happy that you also have to resort to Google to answer lots of life's little questions...makes me feel normal.

Isn't it funny how it is just so darn HARD to write anything nice or cheerleader-ish about ourselves sometimes? I get that. Glad you took the time to actually do it. Yea!

Natalie said...

Jennie! This is a fantastic post! And as a former HR Manager, a darn good resume! ;)

I do a post every Sat that includes my favorite posts of the week...this will be on it!

Diane said...

yay, JENNIE! and I'm so glad that you did this! (up way too early and needing cappucino... )

we as women don't celebrate our own accomplishments often enough, choosing instead to focus on our failures. Well done for choosing to look at yourself in a different way. We're proud of you!

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