Mom Things: If I have to sing the ABC's one more time...

Your rain gear options are a miniature Spiderman umbrella or a miniature Disney Princess umbrella.  And you're only momentarily embarrassed for using either of them as you enter your place of business.

Your almost-four-year-old thinks it's really funny to make up words and phrases and then loudly proclaim them. Her most recent:  "Time for coity!" followed by riotous laughter.  And while you're sure she doesn't know what that sounds like and you have absolutely no idea what it means when she says it, you really, really want her to stop.  (You probably shouldn't have laughed so hard the first time she yelled it.)

You've substituted outdoor rain-play for baths when pressed for time.

You never imagined you would ever utter the words, "No capes at the dinner table" or "Put the light-saber away".  Whose child is that?

You posed a hypothetical stranger-danger situation to your candy-loving three year old in the form of, "If a strange man drives up while you're playing in the yard and offers you candy, what do you say?"  It shouldn't have a surprised you at all when she replied without hesitation, "Yes, please."  (At least she has good manners?)

You're glad that your kids like Gogurt for the convenience factor but, personally, you find it utterly repulsive.

You have to find the delicate balance between fearing for your six year old's life and allowing him the freedom to explore nature (in the form of a Copperhead in the mountains of north Georgia).

While doing some exercises on your Wii, you have one personal trainer heckling you ("I could do that.  Easy.") and one cheerleader ("You're doing great, Mommy!  Keep it up!  Run faster!").

You completely regret letting your toddler try the Flavor Blasted Goldfish, because now she snubs regular Goldfish as an inferior snack.

After a conversation about your toddler's pretty hair, you reminisce back to the day when everyone saw her bald little head and just knew she was a boy, regardless of the clothes she was wearing.

(Look at her little curls now....cute!)

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Sonora said...

I LOVED this post! I can so relate to pretty much every one of them. You had me at the title because I can't get the tune that my kindergartner sings the ABC's to out of my head!!! I too have laughed at something I shouldn't have, further egging on the child that said it and I love all of the things I end up saying that I never thought I would and the three year old saying yes please in the stranger danger situation is so funny. Props to you for teaching her both to be polite and about stranger danger. Happy Wednesday!

Debbie said...

Do you know what a hard time I had actually GETTING THROUGH the rest of this list after the coity comment?

There I go, laughing again. That's why Abby and her made up words wins the crown. LOLOLOL!

BUT... I'm also giving a tiara to Sarah because her curls ARE cute.

(I'm going to take back three of Ben's previous awards if you ever post him that close to a snake in my sight again. Yikes.)

Linda said...

This is delightful Jennie and brings back lots of precious memories.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Your comment was such a blessing.

Sharon Kirby said...

Oh Jennie - You tickle my funny bone in all the right places!! You have captured the joys/challenges of being a mom so well! I'm just sitting here laughing so hard...and remembering those days with my own sons. Some of their words were quite "inventive" - and the things they did, though at the time were frustrating or embarrassing, now make the best memories. I remember the crazy things they made ME say or do - honestly, no adult with a college education would ever in their right mind picture themselves doing or saying those things...except that's what we moms do, because we LOVE our kids!

Enjoy these days - and not to sound like an old lady, but they do go FAST!!

Thanks for a belly laugh tonight, Jennie!!

P.S. Better go for now - I'm still contemplating coity...LOL

Amiko said...

Hi, thank you for stopping by, I'm your new follower now to both of your blogs. You really have blessed cute kiddos^^

Happy Thursday,

Natalie said...

When, oh when will my girls get some hair?! I'm so jealous of those curls :)

Minivan Mommy said...

Ooohhhh, yours are good! I can definitely relate!

Sherri said...

You rock this meme more than anyone! I love the rain-play instead of a bath...darn if I never got a chance to try that one! And the "coity" comment had me cracking up...and being polite to the child-snatcher? Priceless..

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