Flashback Friday - The Ghost of Halloweens Past

Did you know tomorrow was Halloween?  I did.  Thanks to our local weather forecast's helpful parenthetical.

Now that I know what tomorrow is, I can proceed with my flashback to Halloweens of yesteryear.  Since becoming a parent, all holidays have a renewed sense of fun and fulfillment for me.  Even before the kids are old enough to recognize their own name, let alone ask for candy, I stuff them into a costume of my choosing.  It's fun for everyone.  Sometimes.

Soon enough they come around though!  And Halloween really *is* fun for everyone.  (Despite the almost-crying, and deer-in-headlights appearance of the next photo!)

(And the younger ones start feeling passionately about things...like sharing their stroller whilst trick-or-treating.  Incidentally, Ben wanted a ride because it was no less than 90 for Halloween that year and I imagine that padded Ninja Turtle costume was quite warm.)

Can't believe the time has come again for another Halloween.  I swear time moves faster now than it used to.  As of this moment with approximately 31 hours to trick-or-treat time, the proposed costumes are a skeleton, Cinderella, and a pumpkin (see first photo).  This weekend proves to be a busy one, but a fun one.

I love Halloween.  Always have.

Good times.  Good times.  Hope you all have a very fun, very safe, Happy Halloween!

P.S.- Despite my passionate disdain for all things Daylight Savings Time-related, here is my PSA to remind you all to set your clocks back this weekend.  "Hooray" for an "extra hour of sleep" for those of you who don't have kids that will now be waking up at 4:30am.  ;)


Brooke said...

I hear ya on the DST thing. I hate how it throws everyone all out of whack. Amazing what one hour does to you.

Things I May Regret Writing said...

That elephant costume is adorable.

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