#17 - Eat every meal at home and bring my lunch to work everyday for a week.


I know to some this goal is probably a cakewalk.  But, I confess, ashamedly, that eating at home is not something we are great at doing.  It's my fault.  I hate cooking.  (But I LOVE baking.  No idea where the disconnect is...)

Anyway, this goal was actually easily attainable, thanks almost 100% to Sam and his willingness to cook.  He made dinner for the past week, and I took the leftovers for lunch every day.  Sounds like cheating to me.  But it counts because we didn't spend a dime on eating out, and that was the motive behind this goal.

Also thanks go to Sam for allowing me to stand him up on our weekly Thursday lunch date so I could reach my 21st meal.  Just to make sure I reached the goal, we dined in last night, and I didn't even stop at DD for a coffee to celebrate this morning.  That puts me at 23 consecutive meals without dining out.  (Not that coffee is a "meal" per se, but you know...sometimes it is.)  Hooray!

I am almost certain this trend will continue.  We are tired of wasting our money dining out.  And Sam is a FABULOUS cook.  (Love you!)


Hawklady said...

that's great! I know sometimes it's so much easier to just go through the drive thru. LOL about coffee sometimes being a meal!

Anonymous said...

Starbucks is my breakfast most days. I am extremely impressed with your willpower and I won't let Jared see this blog because I think he'll make me try to do this. And I would fail. Miserably.

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