A 101 Update - 10.6.09

Since part of the fun of doing the 101 list is being able to share my successes (and failures) with you, I am posting my first update.

Brevity is not one of my strong points, so luckily for you, you'll get to hear more about it than I'm sure you want to.  When I first finished my list, I created a new blog entirely devoted to *just* the list.  Then Sam asked me why I did that.  I just kind of thought it deserved its own space.  Sam suggested I use this blog for the list because I'd probably run out of things to talk about soon.  I hadn't considered that as a possibility, but since he mentioned it, I had to worry about it.  Ultimately, I decided he might be right.  And even if he's not, this is a blog and there are no rules.  And if I run out of things to talk about, there's always the list.  From this point forward, I will label all list-associated posts as "The List" for ease of navigation (mostly for myself).

Since the inception of the list on 10.1, progress has been made on several of my items.

#39 ~ In addition to mealtimes, the kids and I pray at bedtime.
#40 ~ Check and check for the month of October!  Two notes of cheer have been sent...and I was feeling so great about it, I sent a third one just for the heck of it.  Because, let's face it, who doesn't like to get mail?
#50 ~ I sit at a desk all day.  Donating rice isn't exactly a stretch for me.
#99 ~ At this VERY moment, I'm about to blog about my first completed task.
#100 ~ I wrote a letter to myself...and though it hasn't made it to a secure location, it is in my purse.  Maybe I will leave it in my wallet until June 28, 2012...since I highly doubt I'll be cleaning my purse out before then. 

And now for my first official completed task (drumroll please), 

#101 ~ Easier than I thought, I inspired more than one person to create their own list.   Huzzah!  Now I get to sit back and enjoy the journey with many others!  Best of luck to you (us) all!

I've added a countdown to my blog as a reminder to anyone who started 10.1.09 with me, as to how many days remaining we have.  It also serves as a reminder to myself that I have 996 days, and not to freak out because I can't check everything off in the first week.  Paced gusto.  That's my motto.

I didn't start making my bed before work.  Or waking up early (i.e. when Sam gets up).  Or make it to work on time.  But I will. 

(And as if he has his own list going, Sam saved 41% on the Kroger trip yesterday!)


Diane said...

#50 (#53 for me): It would be a heck of a lot easier to buy a 25 lb bag of rice and donate it somewhere! All I've done is migrate some of my internet surfing to freerice.com ...

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