I'd Like to Make it with You

Anytime we're in the kitchen preparing a meal, Abby comes in to check things out.  She's a curious little girl (to put it mildly).  I kind of liken her to a dog in there, hoping that a morsel falls to the ground so she can have a taste.  I wish she had half that enthusiasm about food when we're actually sitting down at the table eating.

Anyway, lately when she comes in, no matter what is going on, she automatically says, "I want to make it with you."

Then, because Sam and I apparently have the maturity level of twelve year old boys, we chortle at the innuendo.

Next, because I can't help myself, I immedately start singing "Make It with You" by Bread, particularly the line quoted by Abby and referenced in the title.  "I'd like to make it with youuuu..."

Evidently this happens enough that now when she enters the kitchen, Abby no longer simply states that she wants to make it with us, she sings it.  "I'd like to make it with yooouuu..."


Moral of the story:  It's never too early to teach your kids classic Bread lyrics.


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