10.1 Let the games begin!

October 1st has arrived, and so begins my quest to complete the 101 things on my list in 1001 days.  I was in a bit of a frenzy last night.  These first few days of October promise to be exciting, but busy for me.  I wanted to think of the list and only the list, but I've got the birthdays of three very important people and a baby shower to think about in the next four days alone.

Then I reminded myself that I have 1001 days.  Not 101.  Not 10.  It's not a race, and even if it were, the tortoise reminds me that slow and steady is the way to go.  Right? 

In the spirit of the tortoise, and my very own #62 (which, I have a feeling, will become a theme in a figurative sense throughout my quest), I am going to take it slow & steady.  Today, I am going to write the letter to myself and tuck it into my underwear drawer.  After my busy but fun weekend, I will go at my list with a paced gusto (if that's even possible).

To all the 101 in 1001-ers.  Good luck to you!  I am so excited for us all!


Diane said...

Just for you, Jennie... I suggested this to Derek last night and we're both going to do a list! It's a great way to figure out what's really important to us. I'm working on my list today (but I'm still going to use the 10-01 start date!)

Thanks for the idea!

Jennie said...

Hooray, Diane! Good luck to you and Derek! I agree, I think the only thing that can come from trying is Good! Even if I only accomplish half of the things, I'm better off than if I didn't begin.

Hawklady said...

oooh thanks for reminding me that I have to write a letter to myself! I almost forgot :O )

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