Preventive, Preventative...uhh, Pre-emptive?

Preventive 8 (47%)
Preventative 8 (47%)
I don't know, but now I'm googling it. 1 (5%)

Deadlocked.  Man, I know how to pick a poll topic. 

I had never heard the term "preventive" until the health care reform debate of late.  All my life, I said "preventative".  Now, I'm afraid I was wrong.  Is it an either or type of thing or is it a different part of speech? 

Come on now, grammar nerds.  It's your time to shine!


Hawklady said...

Not sure, last month I found out that I had been spelling Mischievous wrong. I always thought it was mischievious.
I lol'ed at your new poll question. I voted probably.

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