The Mom List - A Day Early?!

This is too much fun for me.  I think you're stuck with it.
  • In an effort to stay on top of things, you slipped a sympathy card in your purse so you could send it from work when you had a moment to breathe.  Weeks pass, and you discover the card in your purse.  That's when Mommy-brain kicks in and, to your own horror, you can't remember who died.
  • Regardless of where you are or who you're around, you've held your baby's butt up to your nose and taken a big whiff to check for stinkies.  (Thanks, Angie!)
  • You've totally played the "quiet game" in the car.
  • There was a time when you were punctual.  You think.  It's been so long since you were on time to anything, you can't exactly be sure.
  • You've discovered that the best thing to do and the easiest thing to do are generally exact opposites when it comes to parenting.
  • Despite how sweet is is of her to share, you've had to reprimand your two year old for trying to feed raisins to your four month old.
  • Country songs are a lot sadder now.  
  • You've had countless reminders (thanks to spilled snowballs, leaky juice cups, and muddy feet) that you were 100% justified when opting for leather seats in the vehicle.
  • You've chosen to throw away an article of clothing because there's just entirely too much poop on it to warrant cleaning it.  Or, you've thrown away a cup you found under the car seat because you don't even want to know what 3 week old milk looks/smells like.  Or, you've tossed a soiled outfit that was left in the diaper bag for a long weekend because you feared the consequences of opening that Walmart bag.  ::shudder::
  • You know that high-pitched voice people use when talking to puppies, baby bunnies, and other cute little things?  You talk like that.  To your children.  Unapologetically.
  • You get so caught up in other things like feeding the kids, changing diapers, doing chores, not tripping over dirty laundry doing laundry, that you forget to eat.  It's 2pm before you realize all you've had that day is a half a cup of coffee you warmed up in the microwave 3 times and the edges from your kids' grilled cheese.


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