Flashback Friday - Digital Rejects

With the advent of digital cameras, we have the luxury of taking rapid-fire pictures in hopes that we can get a great shot.  Usually out of the twenty rapid-fire pictures there's one worthy of keeping/sharing/printing.  We used to be a lot better about purging our camera of unwanted/unworthy pictures, mostly because they take up mammoth amounts of computer hard drive space. 

Lately though, we've gotten pretty lazy about it.  And by "lately", I mean in the past two or three years.

This year, I made Sam a little photobook from Shutterfly for our anniversary, and in doing so dug through countless amounts of  delete-able photos.  I gave some thought to deleting them as I went along, but then realized I would miss out on what could be considered the "bloopers" of our photographs.


Another luxury of digital cameras is that I no longer have to pick and choose which moments I capture on film.  (Read:  I don't have to be quite so selective because I'm too cheap to buy film.)

Without that luxury, I'd miss out on pictures like this:


And with that, I wish you all a fabulous weekend!


Hawklady said...

I love it! I need to do a blog post like this too!

Jennie said...

There are SO many more I could have added. These are just the ones I have at work. I would LOVE to see other blooper photos. They make me smile. :)

CLewis said...

So cute!! Great idea to post all those ones you get that you don't use:)

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