Flashback Friday - Do you like my hat?

I might not be a huge PD Eastman fan, but my kids are.  Go Dog Go was the first book Ben read on his own.  There's an exchange between two dogs that repeats several times throughout the book.  One wears an absurd hat and asks the other "Do you like my hat?"  He replies (until the last time), "I do not."  Then they part with a "Goodbye!"

Lately, Abby has taken this up as her favorite game.  She'll rest any random object on her head, walk up to me, and say "How do you like my hat?"  It could be anything from a newspaper, to a toy, to a blanket.  I always reply, "I do not like that hat."  It repeats...indefinitely.

I could have seen this coming.

Abby has always had an affinity for putting things on her head.


Unless of course, it was something that belonged on her head:


I guess she was thinking, "I do not like that hat."


CLewis said...

We have been reading the same book but I have yet to see the kids act it out...that is hilarious! And so true about the things that are SUPPOSED to be on their head:)

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