A book a day keeps the cobwebs away.

Or at least gets you to Level I in kindergarten!

Stop, Jennie.  Back up.

In the midst of a sick household, I didn't even look in Ben's bookbag until this morning.  (Good thing he didn't have any homework!)  Turns out, it was report card day on Friday!  Hooray!  (That's what the nerdy kids say when they get passed out.  Dorks.) 

I opened it up.  Ben got straight 3's...which means "consistently meets the grade level standards" in all of the subjects.  So yay for that.  But there's more.

Apparently Houston County has developed their own brand of literacy assessment, the results of which they included with the report card.  It is a scale based on the letters A-W (x, y, and z weren't present on the day they decided which letters to include).  The letters are broken into ranges representing each grade level's target abilities.  Or instead of me explaining it (because I am intrinsically bad at it), just look at this:

And, look at *this*:

A little blurry, perhaps, but that "I" stands out without question.

I am one proud mom today.  My halfway-through-kindergarten son is reading at an early 2nd grade level!  Turns out that book (or four) each night is paying off.  Here's to a lifetime of reading ahead!

My PSA for the day...a book (or ten) at bedtime makes for more than memories.  It makes for readers.

:)  <---That's me, resorting to an emoticon to represent the beaming smile that news brought to my face this morning.  I am just so stinking happy for my little reader.


Sara said...

That's awesome!

Debbie said...

A big fat Amen to this and pat on the back to the reading mom and dad!

Oh, and a high five to the little reader, too!

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