Flashback Friday: This (In)famous Bathroom Project

Today, I will be brief...with words anyway.  I might inundate you with pictures instead.

I flashed back to this time last year.  2009 brought a lot of changes.  Most notably, we added a new family member in our precious, little Sarah.  A close second though, on the scale of momentous 2009 events, was the undertaking that we call "The Bathroom Project". 

Beginning in January, we transformed this:

Into this:

And this:

With all of this in between:
(2009 also brought about a potty-trained Abby, who no longer walks around sans diaper or underwear.)

And so there it is.  Where we started a year ago, and where we ended up mere days before Sarah graced our family with her presence.

This was, without question, the greatest homeowner's task either of us had ever taken on.  I have to give 92.4% of the credit to Sam, but I helped some!  You know, as much as a woman can in her late 2nd and 3rd trimesters!   (And some might argue more, but you know I don't idle well.)  We made some SERIOUS memories throughout the course of this project.  I'm so glad we did it, and I'm also SO glad it is behind us. 

The moral of the story is:  When your highly-motivated husband says, "Let's remodel the bathroom", he's not kidding.  Get ready to sweat.


TerressaLynn said...

You guys really did such a great job! And Abby's little bare behind...priceless :)

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