Thank you, South.

When I first moved to Georgia, all I had to do was open my mouth and everyone knew I wasn't from around here.  There were certain words that were a dead giveaway; home, bone, phone, hockey, yeah.  I couldn't really even tell the difference between what was saying and what they were saying (though I *can* hear the difference now).  I scoffed at the "new" words I was hearing including reckon, fixin' to, a whole lot of "ain't", and lots and lots of references to hunting, fishing, and just general outdoor things (like muddin'). 

It goes without saying there was an adjustment period.  I'm pretty sure I've blogged about this before.  (At least, I remember blogging about this, but don't think that it happened on here.  Must have been Myspace...remember THAT place?  Ha!  Maybe one day I'll copy those blog posts over here.  Some of them were pretty good.  What was I talking about again?  Oh yes.  Focus, Jennie.  Focus.)

The reason I was thinking about this today is because I discovered some goodies laying on the table at the end of the hall up for grabs.  Among them was a small package of divinity.  Divinity is something I had never seen, heard of, and definitely hadn't tasted during my tenure in the Mid-Atlantic.  For those of you in the same boat as I was, this is divinity:

Aptly named, divinity is a small piece of heaven on earth.  Especially if you're a sweets lover like me.  (Well actually I'm a sweets & savory lover.  This is why losing weight is particularly difficult for the likes of me.  In case you cared.)  It's kind of like a marshmallow...kind of like fudge.  Maybe it's meringue.  I don't know what it is.  I think it's classified as candy.  It's a puffy, soft delectable treat.  And I don't care about titles so much as taste.

At any rate, there were five pieces of this sinful treat at the end of the hallway.  Now there are just three.  By the end of the day, we'll see how many are left.  (I can't blame it on anyone else either, I'm in the office alone.  Shucks.)

It got me thinking about other things I've discovered since moving southward.  You know, in addition to the muddin' and divinity.  I would be remissed if I didn't mention sweet tea, Zaxby's, pulled pork barbeque, and pecan pie.  Sure, we had some of those things in Maryland, but they weren't the societal norm.  The South also has nicer beaches, families that ask for God's blessing unashamedly before eating in a restaurant, "Yes ma'am" and "No sir", and cheaper gas prices.  So thanks, "South", for those things.

Conversely, I also realized that some things are strictly mid-atlantic in nature.  Who knew the south didn't have scrapple, pumpkin rolls, Herr's potato chips, gravy fries, or Tasty Kakes? 

I guess this is why people travel.  To discover all of life's different cultural (and more importantly culinary) subtleties.

I wonder what kinds of delicious treats they have out west.  Hmmmm....


Jennifer Bragg said...

The South is certainly and interesting place. I've been up north (for travel) and discovered the...um... joys of raspberry tea (why not add sugar and enjoy a decent glass of tea? why? what's wrong that?) I discovered that although my "southern accent" doesn't even compare to those who've lived here there whole lives, I might as well have been speaking Japanese to the people up north... :) And well, I've become quite used to the all out panics when we get so called snow down here. (After living in Germany I can literally say I walked to school uphill in knee deep snow). I love your take on things, Jennie, you always get me thinking! And of course you always make me laugh!

amy said...

My Aunt Margaret made the BEST divinity EVER. She was born somewhere around 1900, by the way. Those ladies really knew how to cook!

Candace said...

"Who knew the south didn't have scrapple, pumpkin rolls, Herr's potato chips, gravy fries, or Tasty Kakes"

What in the world?! I can honestly say I've never even heard of any of these things.

Although, gravy fries sound VERY southern.

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