Flashback Friday: (Literal) Baby Steps

At the risk of sounding like I'm bragging, all of my kids have been pretty phenomenal when it comes to becoming mobile.  Even Ben, who was the largest of my kids (by FAR) had amazing motor skills, taking his first steps a week before he turned nine months old.

This morning, while I was lamenting that my girls were born in different seasons, and therefore had very few clothes that overlapped, I counted on my fingers to determine what month Abby was nearly 8 months old (like Sarah is now).  It was May of 2007.  So, being the nerd that I am, I looked up some pictures from then.

It was then that I realized this was when Abby took her first unassisted steps.  Just shy of eight months old, and she was daring to walk on her own.  I remember that we were on vacation in Destin, clapping for her to walk to us.  She took a step.  Over the next two months, she got pretty good at it.  Adding steps here and there. 

For fun and for those of you who've never seen it, watch this video that Sam made. A Tutorial from Abby, if you will.

As a mom of three, I no longer desire for my children to break early walking records.  I'd LOVE it if Sarah took her good old time.  However, she seems to be falling right in line with her older brother and sister.  She rang in the New Year with me, squealing and letting go of the couch on which she was cruising.  (It resulted in face-plants on the carpet.  She's clearly not in the "unassisted steps" category yet!)  I want my baby to be a baby for a little bit longer.  I guess that isn't something I get to decide, huh? 


Hawklady said...

I love that video! so cute. Your kids are definitely ahead in the walking category! Henry walked days before his first birthday, Zoe didn't walk til 16 months!

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