When I Say _____, You think _____

I'm a big fan of the word association game.  You know...where someone says a word and you say the first thing that comes to your mind.  I play this by myself and in different capacities all day, every day.  What can I say, my mind is on-the-go at all times.  This is how I bounce from one thought to another.  Sometimes, when I get thinking about something REALLY random, I stop what I'm doing and retrace the thought processes that got me there.  (I remember that Brenda and I used to do this quite regularly back in the day.  Only out loud.)

Perhaps one of the more interesting brands of the word association game I play with myself is the stigmas or stereotypes that pop into mind when I think of places.  For instance, when people tell me they're from Lousiana, I think New Orleans, Cafe Du Monde, Katrina, and Cajun.  (It's a tie between those four things.)  When someone says they're from Montana, I immediately think Unabomber (because, really, what else is MT known for?).  Idaho is potatoes.  Hawaii is not a word, but an image of a whole pig roasting in an open pit with an apple in its mouth.  Maryland is a familiar warm, fuzzy feeling of home, steamed blue crabs, lacrosse, and Orioles.  Delaware used to be tax-free shopping, but since our trip to New York, that's been replaced with exorbitant tolls. 

So now I want some feedback.  Play the word association game with me, if you will.

There's only one word:

1.  Georgia

What's the first thing that comes to mind? (Or the first few things, you don't have to stop at one.)  Just say it.  I promise not to be mad.  (wink, wink)


Stephanie Weaver said...

Delieverence... haha i dont even know if that was where it took place but thats what i think of. Also, peaches, license plate (because it is one of my favorites) and the state before Florida (because when we used to have to drive there I would get very excited that the drive to FL was almost over)

Veronica said...

Misty (my best friend who lives in Savannah), peaches, Atlanta, Aquarium and Coca Cola (because we are planning a visit there in June)!!! I love your blogs Jennie...they ALWAYS bring a smile to my face!!!

TerressaLynn said...

I think of all of you (Sheppards and Mocks :), Mariah tasting peach ice cream, and Atlanta.

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