#93 - Laugh to the point of tears...Check!

You know how you have that nagging feeling you're forgetting something?  I had that...on this task.  I knew that I laughed to the point of tears recently, but couldn't remember when or why.  My memory is the worst!

Anyway, it came to me as I was looking through some pictures today.

This is the picture that reminded me of the tear-inducing laughter:


The above picture was from Easter during our trip to MD while I was 37 weeks pregnant.  What were we thinking? 

(This is already one of those stories that isn't going to be funny to ANYONE else but me, but in the interest of accomplishing #99~Blog about each task as it's completed, here goes nothing.)

Back to the matter at hand...the pole in my parents' basement is good for hours of fun.  Since I was Abby's age, I remember going down there and spinning until I couldn't stand up straight.  (Why is that so fun to kids?  Seriously.)  On our most recent trip to Maryland, I ended up sitting on those steps in the picture watching Abby spin around and around on the pole.  It was the morning after we'd driven overnight so I was exhausted.  I regret that I didn't have my camera by my side at the time but I wasn't expecting anything momentous to occur.  Anyway, her cousin, Justin, decided that he wanted to spin too.  So he jumped in behind her, only he was spinning slightly faster.  In about one and a half revolutions around the pole, Justin was smashed up against Abby, forcing her to go faster.  Their heads were positioned side by side, and Justin's arm was extended farther than Abby's, so that it looked like he was spinning with his arm around her.  They both had these HUGE smiles plastered on their faces.

That's when it hit me.

They looked like figure skaters.

And apparently, when you're on no sleep and partially delirious, it is a thought like this that makes you laugh to the point of tears.

#93 ~ Laugh to the point of tears...check!

I can assure you this is only the first of many, MANY times I will do this in my 1001 days.  And thanks to my random memory, I have laughed about this countless times again today.  Don't you just love remembering funny things?


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