#65 Make my own pizza dough.....check!

I'm somewhat embarrassed about this list item.  It turns out that this was almost a non-event it was so easy.  That being said, I probably wouldn't have done it if it hadn't been on my list.  So there's that.

With Sam out of town, we're (I'm) trying to keep busy so that I don't realize how lonely it is without him.  In an effort to make things less stressful, I was successful in meal-planning for the week, and declared Monday night homemade pizza night.  I enlisted the help of the kids, who were responsible for stirring (tasting), spreading, sprinkling, and placing.

Then I put it in the oven.

So, pictorially, it went something like this:

Step 1:  Stir pizza sauce (or taste it & consequently get it all over your body resulting in a shirt change).

Step 2:  Prepare the dough (a task that wouldn't be complete without getting flour EVERYWHERE).
Up close and personal with the dough.  You know, it REALLY doesn't look appetizing like that.  I think it was a little "sticky".  I guess it didn't matter too much.

Step 3:  Apply sauce to dough.  (For Abby, step 3 is "Kick older brother off the stool", which you will see she completes successfully.)

Step 4: Continue to apply sauce to dough.  (This took a REALLY long time.  Ben's somewhat of a perfectionist.)

Step 5:  Sprinkle with Cheese!  (Of course I failed at having enough mozzerella on hand, so we supplemented with a little cheddar.  How American of us.)

Step 6: Place the Pepperoni (...and bake!)

Step 7:  Enjoy!

I won't say it's the best pizza I've ever had, but I can say with absolute certainty that it was the best pizza I've ever made from scratch!  (wink, wink)  I now know some things to tweak on my next go round.  But really...it was INCREDIBLY easy to do.  Hooray!


CLewis said...

Yeah, way to go! I have to say this is something I have never done either. Maybe I will have to make a point to try it sometime soon, I am sure my boys would love to help me with that project.

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