#19 - Save more than 50% on a grocery order at Kroger.

If you're a mom, you totally understand what a treat it is to go to the grocery store alone.  And especially without a time table.  It ranks right up there with being able to take a long, hot, uninterrupted shower. 

With Sam out of town, I seem to have elicited a good bit of sympathy from my in-laws.  They regularly checked in to make sure things were okay throughout last week, and my mother-in-law came as quickly as she could on Friday afternoon to lend me a hand for the weekend.  It meant more than words could express, and that was even after an inexplicably perfect week with the three kids.  They have simply been wonderful.  Clearly, prayer works!  (Thanks everyone.)

Saturday morning, Mrs. Lisa kept the girls while Ben and I went to basketball.  I got to sit on the sidelines and actually pay attention to the game.  It was awesome.  Saturday night, she kicked me out of the house.  "Go do something," she told me.  She was determined for me to have "me time", to do something fun.  What else was there to do, but grocery shop?  As I got my list, coupons, and reusable bags ready and headed out the door, she yelled, "Take your time!  Look at the makeup!"  Then she chased after me and said, "Wait!  I didn't meant it like that!"  (I totally didn't take it like that, but it did give me a good chuckle.)

I don't remember the last time I walked up and down the aisles of Kroger with less haste.  While I was there, I decided to make it count.  I checked off #19 on the list:  Save more than 50% on a grocery order at Kroger.  This task came with several unwritten stipulations that I had enacted.  The total grocery bill had to be over $100 for it to count.  I couldn't "cheat" and only get items that I didn't want, but were practically free.  I had to actually buy things on my list, and that we would use.  I also couldn't skimp on fresh items for the sake of the task.  (I really could have accomplished this task a lot sooner without the constraints.)  With the help of my new favorite grocery saving website, my mother-in-law, and Kroger's Mega Sale event, here is the result:

So there it is.  Save more than 50% on a grocery order at Kroger....check!


The Barnes Family Blog said...

WAHOO!! Kroger has a great sale going on right now. I'm hoping to go back one more time before it ends.

CLewis said...

That is so funny...my status yesterday on Facebook was "you know your a mom when a trip alone to the grocery store feels like a vacation!" So true, isn't it? And the savings are such a bonus. I work really hard to hunt down coupons and deals but have yet to cut mine in half. Guess I will have to make that a goal!

Debbie said...

Good old Lisa to the rescue! (And too funny about the make up...) I hope your big toe is back soon. In 25 years of marriage, I still hate to fly solo.

I meandered about on that southern savers link. Gee, thanks... a new obession for me.

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