#79 Learn to use my french press....check!

I've got a serious coffee addiction.  It's bad news, fellas.  It's so bad that I drink my travel mug of coffee before I even get to work in the morning, prompting a stop at the trusty Dunkin' Donuts while I'm already running late.  Then I spend dollars I don't want to spend.  I still don't have enough coffee.  It's just an endless cycle of wanting more coffee.  I settle for decaf in the afternoons.  It's a little mindgame I play on myself.  So far I'm buying it.

Anyway, since I'm on a non-list-related quest to stop spending so many of those dollars at Dunkin' Donuts,  it only makes sense that I turn to #79 on my list to help make that happen.  I needed to learn how to use my french press.

My previous attempts to use the french press were thwarted.  Mostly because my boss was here and for some reason, it feels pretentious to use the press as opposed to the traditional drip pot we have in our "kitchen" here at the office.  The real reason I don't use the drip pot is that I want to be able to make small amounts on demand.  The reason I want this is so that I can use the water cooler water as opposed to the bathroom sink's water.  Ick.

I tried to use a single serving drip maker that I got for about $5 at one of the more-than-just-a-pharmacy places around here several Christmases ago.  It wasn't worth the $5 and is now collecting dust on my side table. 

Before this gets out of hand, let me just say, I made coffee in my original Bodum french press today, and it was delicious.  Why I didn't do this sooner, I'll never know.  Dummy.  Here's to saving dollars, thwarting caffeine headaches, and enjoying a cup o' joe on demand!

(Just for fun - Here's my coffee collection.  From left to right, the unsurpassed Dunkin' Donuts Large, the travel mug that kind of looks like a disposable Starbucks cup, the French Press (my new BFF), and the terrible, awful, no good, very bad $5 drip "pot".)

#79 ~ Learn to use my French Press....check! 


Debbie said...

OK. I might as well go ahead and admit it. I just had to google "French Press".

Debbie said...

And now I'm all worried that my comment will appear on that blog of unnecessary quotation marks over there...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hawklady said...

hmmm, I might have to try that.

Cindy Collins said...

From one coffee adddict to another once I went to french press I will never drink drip again, the difference is far superior!

I got my french press from IKEA for $13. I use it EVERY DAY!!!!

Jennie said...

You're safe, Mrs. Debbie. Those quotes are perfectly acceptable...ESPECIALLY if you wanted to search the exact term "French Press"! ;)

Cindy, I'm working on perfecting my ratio of coffee to water, but I definitely love the taste!

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