#7 - Write a letter to my congressman.

I did it.  I got mad.  After a newsless December (a treat I think I should give myself more often), I guess all of the hostility has been building up inside of me.

I've been listening to Dave Ramsey for a while now, and I would say that I've become a pretty big fan.  His philosophy on money and finances is biblically-based common sense.   Don't spend more than you have.  Don't borrow, so you won't have to owe.  In three words, debt is evil.  He is criticized by the more esteemed financial gurus for his "oversimplication" of all things money-related.  I think they're just justifying their jobs.  Simple is always better.  People just do not handle complicated well.  Those following The Total Money Makeover have paid off millions of dollars using his baby steps, in what is considered to be a proven method for debt reduction and ultimately a sure-fire savings plan.

So when I heard that House voted right along with the Senate to raise the debt ceiling, my "get angry" mechanism kicked in.  Essentially, I got a little bit sick to my stomach, my heart started palpitating, my blood pressure rose a few points on both sides, and my ears got red. 

Then I emailed my representative. 

I'll spare you the actual text, but in summary I told "the Honorable Jim Marshall" (as his email form refers to him) that I will not be voting for him in November, that his contribution to raising the debt ceiling made me physically ill, that the decision reached by him and his fellow "aye" voters defied common sense.  Furthermore, I promised to educate my fellow citizens on the asinine spending habits of my "representatives" to ensure that not one incumbent up for election, irrespective of their party affiliation, will be re-elected this fall.

Then my ears stopped burning, the pit in my stomach dissipated a little, and my heart beat slowly resumed an acceptable speed.  My blood pressure is still high, but that's life. 

It was so cathartic, I think I should make this a monthly task.  Or maybe just as I'm inspired.

#7~Write a letter to my congressman...check!


Hawklady said...

good for you!

CLewis said...

Way to go!! We too love Dave Ramsey and think he has done amazing things for many families.

Debbie said...

I give this post two thumbs up!

One for the email
One for the shout out to Dave Ramsey

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