Flashback Friday - Snow? In Georgia?

It's not always an error in the weather forecast.  Last March (2009), a mere weekend after it was 70 degrees and we'd played in the park in our shorts and t-shirts, it snowed in central Georgia.

On the heels of consecutive blizzards pummeling my old stomping grounds in Maryland, we are anticipating a snow storm of notable proportions here in Georgia.  No.  It's not 30+ inches worth of snow, but if it actually sticks to the ground, it qualifies as notable.  Shoot, if it falls from the sky at all, it counts as notable.  We just don't see the stuff down here.

The forecasters say we could see 2-4 inches.  I'm skeptical.  My hopes aren't completely dashed, though, when I look at these pictures.  They serve as proof that it has happened before, so it could happen again.

Without further ado, I call this photo series, "The Great Snow of 2009 - Central Georgia Edition":

In case you are wondering, there was not a parking spot to be found at Kroger last night.  It's true.  People really do go a little (read: a lot) crazy with anticipation of snow here.  I promise I legitimately need milk, bread, and eggs! 


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