Mom Things - In a hurry because my hands are cold

Though you were totally the guilty party, at some point you have blamed flatulence and/or a spilled beverage on an unwitting toddler.  Just another perk of having kids...

You have learned that the incidence of injuries increases exponentially as your children get more and more tired.  Consequently you realize that early bedtimes aren't just for sanity's sake.  Safety first!

You have experienced the phenomenon of altered taste-buds during pregnancy.  For some of us this meant becoming a sweets person when we were previously a salty-snacks kind of person or vice versa.  For an unfortunate few of us, this means we became equally enamored with both sweet and savory foods (permanently).

You love your son's passion for reading.  But *sometimes* you wish he knew how to read silently to himself.

You know that there is absolutely no end to the questions.

In order to prevent yourself from pulling your hair out by the fistful, you have to keep reminding yourself that the inexhaustible questioning is how they learn.

By some cruel trick of nature, the kids wake up early and raring to go on the weekends, whereas on week days, you have to drag them to the breakfast table by their ankles.  And despite your best efforts, you now know that there is  nothing you can do to reverse this trend.

You wait until the last minute.  Because you know that getting the kids ready to go somewhere earlier than absolutely necessary is just asking for marker stains, drink spills, and potty accidents, thereby requiring a clothing change.

One of the best days of your life is the day that your child learns how to buckle themselves into the carseat.  The next best day is when the responsible oldest child learns how to unbuckle himself and all of his baby sisters.

When your three year old says either "I'm not hungry anymore" or "I'm full" after two bites of what's on her dinner plate, you know it's because she spotted the brownies you made for dessert.


Debbie said...

Love them, as usual. You had me giggling from #1.

I'll let you in on a little secret about #5
"You know that there is absolutely no end to the questions."

There is indeed an end. It happens in the seventh grade. From then on out, they have all the answers...

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