Flashback Friday - 3/4 Birthdays

So I'm a math nerd.  Sometimes.  It depends on the difficulty level.  Before I digress before I even get started, let me just say that I love putting my less-than-one-year-old children's ages in terms of a fraction.

Sarah turned nine months old last Saturday, the day we played in the snow in central Georgia and the day before Valentine's Day.  So I took her picture, which I've already posted on this blog as the reason my shirts don't fit anymore.  Too bad.  You get to see it again.  This is Sarah in all of her nine month, 3/4 of one year old glory.


Since last weekend isn't a very long-ago flashback, you get to see what the other children looked like at nine months of age as well.  Honestly, I can't describe how much fun it is to compare and contrast how similar and strikingly dissimilar my kids are to and from each other.  Miss Abby, at 3/4 of one, was already walking (a sign of things yet to come) and looked like this:


And because the first shall be last, here is Mr. Ben at 3/4 of one (who was also already walking because we had put him on a vigorous exercise regimen).

At her official 3/4 birthday doctor's visit, we found out that Miss Sarah weighs 18lbs 12oz, and is 28.5" long. Of course, I referred back to the baby books and discovered that Abby weighed a pound less and was an inch taller.  (Of course she was.  She wins the title of "bean pole" in our house.)  Ben was the same height as Abby and, well, LOTS of pounds heavier than Sarah.  (I seriously had to stop myself from posting their respective growth charts here.  You're welcome.)  See, isn't that fun?  

I have learned in my six years as a parent of, now, three children.  You find new things to be excited about every day.  Even if it's math-related. 


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