Flashback Friday - Sleepy Edition

I guess I've got sleep on the brain.   This is because I've been getting lots of it lately.  At the age of 9.5 months, Sarah has finally decided to sleep through the night.  (I can almost hear a chorus of angels singing "AHHHH!!!!" in the background.)  I don't think I'm jinxing it to say it out loud.  She's done it consistently for the past week or so.

Anyway, sleep is an interesting phenomenon in our household.  The kids never want to go to sleep, no matter how tired they are.  So every. single. night. we have the same "argument" (if you will) about bedtime.  Yes, you have to brush your teeth.  Yes, you have to put your pajamas on.  No, you may not have more water.  Yes, you have to go potty one more time.  Ben has gotten a lot better about laying down and closing his eyes.  He's asleep in minutes.  (It might be a man thing.)  Abby, on the other hand, needs some time to unwind.  We allow her that.  (Because I know that's a woman thing.)  After we read the book, kiss, hug, and turn the lights out, we'll often hear her playing in her room for a few minutes.  Eventually she lays down and goes to sleep without a fuss on her own.

Weekends excepted, mornings in our house are rough.  No one wants to wake up.  (Although, for some strange reason, they are up and at 'em on Saturday mornings...go figure!)  I used to pick them both up and carry them into my bedroom (pre-Sarah) and let them slowly wake up.  Well, things are a little more rushed now, and Ben is just too heavy.  Back when that was the case though, I must've snapped a dozen different pictures of exactly that - them sleeping in my bed after a violent wake-up call from the mean mom.

So here's a small sampling of them and all of their sleepy glory:




How apropos for a Friday afternoon...as I not-so-fervently fight off the urge to take a nap.

Wishing you all the most restful of weekends!


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