I don't think that's biblical.

Ben is known for asking very deep questions, especially for a six year old.  The ride to school is when he typically comes up with his best questions (thankfully the trip only takes about ten minutes...I fear the things he could come up with with a longer time frame).  This morning's topic of discussion was money.  How much you need to buy a house.  How much you need to buy a car.  Borrowing money from banks.  Interest.  Savings.  What you can get for $13 (the amount of money currently in his wallet).  We talked about all of that.

I saw the opportunity for an important life lesson and so I seized it.  I told him what we *should* do with our money is save some, spend a little, and share some with others who need our help, like those who can't afford food for themselves.  That's what Jesus would want us to do.  He pondered it for a minute.

It was then that Abby chimed in.  I had no idea she was paying attention, since she'd been busy fabricating songs with unintelligible lyrics the whole ride.  ("You like *that* song, Mommy?")  She heard "That's what Jesus would want us to do" and ran with it.

"Yeah, that's what Jesus does.  He shares money.  Jesus *LOOOOVES* money."

Hmm.  No, Abby.  I don't think he does.

Guess we'll need to discuss *that* on the ride home.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! I love it!

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