#31 & #33 ~ In the spirit of health (both the mental and physical varieties)

It's been over a week since my last confession list update, but I wanted to make sure I had good news to report.  I have crossed not one, but two tasks off my list. 

#31 - Take my vitamin every day for a month.  Check!  I'm hoping that is why I've been healthy so far this "wintry" season.  (And I'm knocking on wood as we speak...I can feel a cold coming on out of spite.)

#33 - Take a mental health day.  For various reasons that I can't expound upon (in case *somehow* my boss is reading), I took off last Monday from work.  It was *lovely* to be home.  That is all.

As for the rest:

The November teacher treats were an assortment of cookies & brownies for Ben's teachers at school & Mission Friends, and pumpkin apple streusel muffins for Abby & Sarah's teachers at school.  Not sure what's on the horizon for December, but I have enjoyed all the baking!

I have SOOO many ideas for #67 (make 10 homemade gifts), but I'm afraid I'm running out of time!  (I mean, I still have 900+ days overall, but Christmas is right around the corner.)  Hopefully I can knock a couple out and report back on this after this week though it's not looking promising since we are going to be busy carrying Ben back and forth from CBC's Singing Christmas Tree (as we accomplish #36).

I'm in a bit of a panic over #70 (the advent calendar) considering December is only two short days away.  I need to figure it out and quickly!  I'm thinking my original idea is not going to pan out, seeing as how I can't seem to find any mini-bags to suit me.

In case you've been perusing my list (not that I expect any of you are), and you're wondering how it's possible to be in progress on #77 (patronize the local bookstore), allow me to explain.  I stopped by there on the way to pick up the kids one day, but didn't have a whole lot of time to look nor any cash in my purse.  So I will go back soon.  But I got a feel for the place and I LOVED it.  Can't wait to support a fellow Mercer grad's business endeavor.

We went to Carrabba's last Sunday night and instead of ordering my traditional Chicken Bryan and garlic mashed potatoes, I got an Italian Chicken Pizza with an Italian Salad.  It was a fantastic alternative to my usual.  So, #85 is two-thirds finished.  Now if we can ever make it back to Zaxby's...

If all of that seemed a bit frantic, then I got my point across!  'Tis the season.

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving and that the season continues to be joyful for you all!


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