How to Know You're a Mom - Holy Cow, It's November!?

You thought that you could outlast your child when they got into repeat-themselves-over-and-over mode.  But you were wrong.  (As it turns out, they don't get tired of doing that.  They will continue on like that FOREVER.)

Sometimes you feel like your life is one big game of Telephone.  (For example you say, "Abby, stop being a bully."  To which she replies, "I'm not a bully [boy].  I'm a girl.")

Sometimes you just rub your cheek on your baby's cheek and breathe in, because there is nothing more intoxicating/de-stressing than the smell and feel of clean baby skin.  (And because you're a parent, it's not even creepy to say that.)

When going anywhere immediately after school/daycare pick-up, you come stocked with snacks knowing full well you don't want to be out in public when the blood sugar crashes.  Oh, and you brought some for the kids too.  (wink, wink)

You plan strategic routes through stores (when shopping with the kids) to avoid things like pudding, toys, candy, and anything fragile.

You do a cart check at the register to make sure your shopping "helpers" didn't add anything to the cart when you weren't looking.  Chances are...they did.

You think your kids are more beautiful/precious/cute than any other children ever.  Then you stop and think, "Oh no, what if they're not cute AT ALL?  And I'm just blinded by love?"  Then you come to your senses and realize that you were right.  They are, in fact, the cutest.

You swore you would never put one of those headbands on your bald baby girl...until you put on her Halloween outfit and realized that she looked like a boy without it.

In an effort to promote independence, you institute tolls/taxes on services provided to your children.  For instance, if they need help opening their fruit snacks, the toll is that they have to share.  (Because, let's face it, those things are tasty.)

When all else fails, a round of "If You're Happy and You Know It" provides a wonderful distraction.


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