A [Very] Little List Update - 11.17.09

While I am moving closer towards several of my goals, there's not a whole lot to report on this update. 

I'm quickly running out of November during which to send in baked treats or goodies for the teachers.  Ben has off all of next week.  That leaves the rest of this week or the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Guess I need to get my hiney in gear this week, but I'm feeling uninspired.  What is a good Thanksgiving "goodie" to take to someone?  I'm open for suggestions.  Another note on this, when I composed the list, I was thinking only of the schoolteachers.  For the month of November, in the spirit of gratitude, I'm sending something in for Ben's Mission Friends teachers tomorrow and his choir teacher on Sunday. 

#28 Complete a 30 Day Challenge on EA Active.  My first attempt was a failure.  I got to Day 20-something and pulled a neck muscle getting out of bed.  I might be 90 years old...the jury is still out.  At any rate, I couldn't move my head up or down for 3 days and didn't do any exercising during that time.  I'm back to Day 1, and I'm looking at it in a glass is half-full kind of way.  Those are 20-something days I probably wouldn't have worked out otherwise!  (Sad but true.)

#31  I'm plugging right along with my vitamin-taking.  By my next update, I should have crossed that one off of my list.  Hooray vitamins!  (Maybe *that's* why I haven't gotten sick this season yet.  KNOCK ON WOOD.)

#44 Tonight I wrote and addressed my monthly notes of cheer.  I want to print a couple of pictures of my kids to include in one of them to my grandmother, but I'll take care of that first thing in the morning.  Check and check.

#48  I completed my first anonymous act of kindness.  And that's all I have to say about that!

#55  I am *thrilled* to say that we have now read 32 of 63 Seuss works, pushing us past the halfway mark.  This is no small feat (says the woman who has read aloud 32 different Seuss works in a month and a half).

#70  Again, I'm running out of November, but while I was at my in-law's house this weekend, I thumbed through last year's Southern Living Christmas book and I was inspired.  If I can gather my supplies quickly, we'll be making this year's advent calendar out of tiny gift bags.

There's still time for Etsy shopping and homemade gifts, which I'm sure will be crossed off before Christmas.  But did you realize Christmas is just 37 days away?  DANG.  That's probably how I'll feel soon about the end of my 1001 days! 

To all the 101 in 1001-ers, I am thankful for you!  You continue to challenge me and urge me forward.  I hope you all are learning something about yourselves. 


TerressaLynn said...

Okay, I know I have yet to start commenting on this thing, but I always read your blogs :) And, I cried (yes, actually teared up...partially pregnancy hormones, mostly just being a crier ;) when I read your comment on my 101 list. Even before becoming a mother I said I did NOT want to be one of those moms who got completely lost in motherhood and had an all-out identity crisis when the kids moved out, but I completely underestimated how unavoidable that can be! I had thought this only happened because women got too caught up in being "supermom"--didn't realize the demands of motherhood require SO much time and effort that whether you're choosing to find all your "fulfillment" in it or not, it's REALLY HARD to find time for anything else! So, I said all that to say that I really, really appreciate your efforts and updates--because if one of us can do it, then it CAN be done (20-day start-overs and all :). Hurray for Jennie!

Jennie said...

Thank you, Terressa! For reading, for understanding, and for just being you! I know we live states apart, but you are very much a blessing to me, and I'm so grateful you've become a part of this family. I wish we could see each other more!

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