The Mom List - Late Night Edition

A child cries from across a crowded room, but you know it's not yours.  Mothers just *know* the cry of their own.

In the process of making your own baby food, you take a taste test.  And another.  And another.  Pretty soon, you wonder if there will be any of those sweet potatoes left for your baby.  (Those things are darn good.)

Despite the ginormous feast of 30 different Thanksgiving dishes before you, there's still the fear in the back of your mind that your child won't eat any of it.

You ran out of tissues in your car, but found a spare pair of just-in-case panties in the diaper bag.  Sweet!  Instant handkerchief.

You bought some puffs for your infant, but find yourself rationing them to your older children.  Who knew puffs were so delicious and irresistible to three and six year olds?

Your living room has become a daycare center full of sleeping baby dolls covered in blankets.  After all of the baby dolls in the house are used up, your three year old moves on to lying dozens of tiny, green, plastic army men face down and covering them with the closest thing to a size-appropriate blanket she can find...dozens of wet wipes.

Consequently, it feels like you spend most of your life refilling wipes containers.

You religiously clip/maintain your childrens' fingernails and toenails.  Then one day you look at your own, and it frightens you.

Every winter/cold season, you think about starting a choir of coughers.  Surely someone would pay to listen to that, right?  The advertisement would go something like this:  Just park it on the couch at any given hour at night and listen to the sweet harmony of three children coughing in their beds.

Your six month old has started pulling up on things and instead of being excited you think, "Not already!"

You can always find a little person who is willing to be the official taste-tester of all goodies baked in your kitchen.


Hawklady said...

Hilarious as usual! Thanks for the laugh.

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