Two signs your son is...smart?

We always knew Ben was a bit "academic".  From infancy, instead of looking at the mobile in his swing, he'd watch the hinge, as if trying to figure out how the thing was working.  In toddlerhood, we'd take him to the zoo, and he'd marvel over the animal's water sources, barely glancing at the animals themselves.  He has *always* asked a million and one questions.  I guess that how they get to be so smart, huh? 

At any rate, we always knew he'd be our intellectual one. 

Last weekend, Grammie came for a visit.  With her, she brought a copy of My First Dictionary.  She just had a hunch he'd like it.

She was right. 

He has carried that dictionary around for a solid week.  Everywhere we go, there goes the dictionary.  My son is literally reading the dictionary. 

The other sign isn't quite so, umm, nerdy.  For whatever reason, the DIY network was on the tv last Friday night.  It was airing a show called Finders Fixers.  The host was trying to figure out the source of a plumbing back-up in a newly renovated house.  I truly do not know why it was on that channel, but after a few minutes, I looked up to find Ben sitting just inches away from the tv, cross-legged, completely engrossed in/mesmerized by the show.  Sam and I chuckled at him.  It wasn't an hour later, he came back and asked me if I could turn on the DIY network for him again.  He proceeded to watch Disaster House, 10 Grand in Your Hand, and something else throughout the course of the weekend. 

This I can get on board with.  Especially if it means we get a break from Power Rangers.


Lisa P said...

That is so cute! I have a feeling William is going to be a lot like that as he gets older. He loves the show 'how its made' on the discovery channel, sits and watches it the full 1/2 hour. It's SO not a kids show! LOL

Hawklady said...

Sounds like you've got an inventor on your hands! He' a smart one!

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