The Mom Things - 12.09.09

You rarely clean windows because, come on, who really has time for that anyway...BUT, you go so far as to *like* it when there's that solitary perfect tiny handprint right in the center of the glass.  There's just nothing quite as sweet as a little handprint.  Unless, of course, it's of the greasy, smeary variety.

You've seen the same exact scene from any given childrens movie dozens of times, but have never seen the the whole movie in its entirety.

If it weren't so awesome that your son can read, you'd almost lament the fact that you can no longer resort to spelling things as your parental code language.

You've learned to start early teaching your kids how to be gophers for you.  The morning routine goes a lot faster when you have a couple of  youngsters running around retrieving things like socks, baby bottles, dirty dishes, etc for you.

You start to feel really sorry for Kate Gosselin and her grocery bill the way you run through bread, eggs, and milk.  And you only have two kids who eat "real" food at the moment.

You can't find your daughter, so you know to immediately look up.  She has probably skillfully climbed to the apex of something very tall in the 30 seconds she was missing.

It's been so long since you got any sleep that you don't even realize you're tired.  Tired is a way of life.

Superficial as it is, you were relieved to find out during your last visit to the school that your bookworm, somewhat nerdy son is actually quite popular among his classmates.

You eavesdrop on your kids' conversations with Santa to get gift ideas.  Then you get nervous because you have NO idea what "Dora Tippytoes" is.

You totally understand all of those "unfair" rules your parents imposed on you (i.e.-no dating until 16, early curfews, no concerts) because you're gearing up to use them all.  Thanks for the ideas, Mom & Dad.  ;)


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