The Mom Things a day early...My Christmas gift to you (ha!)

You fixed breakfast for dinner, only to realize you have about 1 inch of syrup in the bottle, which is CLEARLY not enough for your condiment-loving family.  Who goes without syrup on their waffle?  You do.

After a week (or more) of consecutive late nights and early mornings on your part, you crash in a useless heap on the couch at 8:30, not to move again until you hear your husband leave for work.  If someone needed you in the night, you slept through it. 

It never ceases to amaze you how the same child can so willingly lay down for a nap, but so violently oppose bedtime at night.

You completely understand why they're called "smart" alecks.  Some of the things they come up with in retort (however rude and disrespectful) are downright brilliant.  (Just for fun, here's more on the phrase smart aleck.)

There's no way in heck you're ready for another baby, but holding a newborn never fails to give you the itch.

You've answered the door to a solicitor on a Saturday morning sans make-up, with hair disheveled, mismatching pj's on, and a kid in Ninja Turtle costume at your side, only to be asked if the man or woman of the house was home.  Yeah, lady.  You're looking at her.

You've braved Walmart at Christmastime.  'Nuff said.

You have become immune to tattling.  Things like...Mommy, Abby threw an ornament at me...Mommy, Ben kicked me...Mommy, Abby splashed me...Mommy, Ben took my blankie and threw it at me...mean nothing to you.

You thank God for your kid's teachers daily.  You have one kindergartner and find that difficult.  Imagine having twenty.

You always thought boarding school was cruel.  Then your daughter turned 3.  Turns out they won't accept her for another ten years or so.  If either of you make it to then.


Katie J said...

"Aleck was a pimp" the best part of the story!

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