A Lil' List Update - #71 & #73

I scratched two more tasks off of my list since my last update.  If you read my Advent Calendar post you may have noticed that I (cleverly) slipped in some of my list tasks as each day's activity.  One of the activities was to make playdough snowmen.  We did that.  Well, Ben did that.  Abby took some creative license with her "snowman".  At any rate, we used homemade playdough to play.  So, #71 (Make homemade playdough) gets crossed off.

As a side note, Sam can't believe I never did this as a kid.  I guess I had a deprived childhood.  Maybe my mom's not so craftsy?  Feel free to ask her why Julie and I lived such sheltered childhoods next time you see her.  I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

Then came a BIG ONE.  #73~Host a party at the homestead.  Saturday night, we hosted the Young Married Sunday School class Christmas party.  If I might say so myself, I think it was a huge success.  The turn out was amazing (31 adults, 22 kids...all 6 and under).  We ate.  We laughed.  We got to know each other better.  Some of us probably went home and took some Excedrin.  (With 22 kids, the noise level did escalate.  Note to self - Next time put down some more rugs or even wall tapestries....HA!)  I had a wonderful time.  I think my only errors were forgetting to put out the coffee creamer and failing to give a tutorial on our newfangled coffee maker.  It doesn't really look like a coffee maker...  I can just envision it now.  "Okay, everyone, gather round.  Before you start socializing and having fun.  Here are the instructions on how to get coffee out of this thing."  Oh yeah.  My parties are a riot.

I am ashamed to admit that I took not one single picture of the momentous event.  But I am proud to say that I wasn't stressed about it at all.  (The party, not the pictures.)  I have a propensity to worry about my kids at all times.  I think the fact that it was at my house allowed me not to stress about them.  I foresee more gatherings at our house in the future.  (That is if anyone wants to come back!)

And a word on the kids...they were simply AMAZING.  Not mine, but all of them.  Ben was elated to have some boys to play with.  They must've run up and down the hallway hundreds of times pushing cars from one bedroom to the other.  By the time everyone was leaving, he had sweat just dripping off of his forehead.  Abby had no meltdowns over sharing her toys (hooray!).  And neither did Sarah.  (Hey, it could happen.)  Maybe I was too engrossed in other things to notice, but I didn't hear a single argument between the children throughout the evening.  They just played together SO well.  It allowed us adults the rare opportunity to chat.  I hadn't realized how much I lack that until I got a taste of it.  So thanks, kids.  You guys rock.  We had games available, but we all just opted for conversation.  How nice is that?

That brings the 101 list total of completed tasks to 12.  Only 89 to go!


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