Halfway to #70...The Advent Calendar

#70 on the (in)famous list is Make An Advent Calendar Each Christmas.  I had HUGE aspirations for this year.  I read an idea two Christmases ago in a the Southern Living Christmas book that I just HAD to do.  Lo and behold, I procrastinated until November 30th and I was in a tizzy.  The two-year old idea will have to wait one more year.  In the interim though, I think this year's calendar is pretty darn neat.

I saw the idea somewhere...after frantically googling "easy advent calendar ideas for kids".  So I apologize to whomever originated the idea, blogged about it, and I'm failing to give due credit.  The idea was not my own, though I wish it was.

At any rate...this is it:

The windows were cut out of magazines (a task that Ben handled with mastery).  I then glued them onto cardstock, and cut around them with a razor knife.  I glued another layer of cardstock behind the windows, and under each one wrote a Christmas related activity that we would accomplish on that day.

For example...on December 5th...

I thought this would be more meaningful than "here's a piece of candy to eat because we're one day closer to Christmas".  I think it's working, and Ben is all about it.  (Abby doesn't really care one way or the other.)  It's also a way to make sure we do something fun and Christmas-y every day.

So, don't tell the kids because each day is a surprise, but here's what's on board for each day.

1.  Trim Tree
2.  Read "The Grinch"
3.  Make Paper Snowflakes
4.  Attend Singing Christmas Tree
5.  Eat Pancakes with Santa
6.  Make Playdoh Snowmen
7.  Make Christmas Tree-Shaped Crayon Melts
8.  Get a Snow Ball from Snow-Biz
9.  Watch a Christmas Movie Together
10.  Make Teacher Gifts
11.  At Dinner, Tell What You Love About Each Family Member
12.  Christmas Party!
13.  Make Pinecone/Peanut Butter Bird Feeders
14.  Eat Breakfast for Dinner
15.  Drive Around and Look at Lights
16.  Dance Party to Christmas Music
17.  Calloway Gardens!
18.  Camp by the Tree
19.  Make Cookies
20.  Deliver Cookies to Neighbors
21.  Sing Carols
22.  Stay Up One Hour Late
23.  Eat Dessert First!  Yum.
24.  Wrap Presents
25.  Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

Notice how I got some of the other list items in there?  Sneaky sneaky.


Hawklady said...

I love this idea!

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